San Diego Comic-Con 2015 ‘Supernatural’ Panel Date, Guests And Other Details

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con (taking place at the San Diego Convention Center) is just a month away, and while we’re still waiting to find out the exact time of the “Supernatural” panel, we know the date and who we can expect to see up onstage.

According to TVLine, the panel will take place on Sunday, July 12, the final day of SDCC. Here are the rest of the details:

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark A. Sheppard join executive producer Jeremy Carver to answer questions about Season 11, serve up a video presentation of series highlights and tout special features from the upcoming “Supernatural:” The Complete Tenth Season DVD and Blu-ray release.

Traditionally, shooting for the upcoming season has started in the second or third week of July. We’d be surprised if Carver and the boys took a day off from filming for the convention, so Episode 1 will probably start filming the week following SDCC.

Either way, we’re sure the biggest question on fans’ minds will be: What on Earth is “the darkness” and what will happen once it reaches Sam and Dean (and, you know, the rest of the world)?

We’re also excited to hear about the Season 10 DVD and Blu-ray special features, which, according to Amazon, include the usual deleted scenes, producer commentaries and gag reel, as well as “Finding ‘Supernatural,'” “For the Defense of Mankind” and “Angel Warrior.”

Hopefully we’ll learn more about those last three — and maybe get a first look at the gag reel? If not we’ll just have to wait until September 8, when the disc sets are set for release.