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‘Mystery Spot’ Caps

I totally loved last nights epi! So awesome and although I hate the idea of Dean dying I have to say that some of his deaths were quite funny. I laughed like a crazy person at them!

Gallery Link:
– 518 3.11 ‘Mystery Spot’

New pics

Ladies, get ready because I have some gorgeous pics of Jensen for you. Warning: falling off your chair might be a side effect of those pics 😀

Gallery link
– 09 Jensen In Australia (Feb 12)

‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ Caps

So how awesome was last nights epi? That was definitely my fav episode of this season. It had it all (except for Ruby). It was funny, sad, scary,… I totally loved it.

Jensen was awesome in his scenes and I love that he finally realized that he wants to live and how ironic is it that Dean shot himself again?!

Anyways enjoy the caps!

Gallery Link:
– 644 ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’

More S3 Stills

Again thanks everyone for the nice comments on the new layout. I really appreciate it 😀

I’m not feeling well at the moment. I think I’m getting sick but I just needed to finally post these because they have been on my HD for a while. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– 01 301
– 03 302
– 02 303
– 09 306
– 04 307
– 07 308
– 02 309
– 12 311
– 06 312


I am sure you all remember pictures of Jensen from his first appearance in 2008 I added back in January. Now you can see them in high quality!

‘Malleus Maleficarum’ Caps

How awesome was last nights episode?! I’m so glad that the show is back and Dean was just so funny. I loved his rabbit comments *lol*
Also when Ruby was talking to that other Demon I half expected them to kiss and from the look on Dean’s face he expected it too.

Well here are the caps:

– 353 ‘3.09 Malleus Maleficarum’

New appearance!

Yes, it’s unbelievable, but Jensen attended his first event of 2008 yesterday! I added pics to the gallery:

• 016x Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge – Day 2 (Jan 11)

New Episode Stills

I added 6 brand new stills from the episode 3.11: Jus In Bello.

• 006x Episode 11: ‘Jus In Bello’

‘Ten Inch Hero’

I added screencaps to the gallery & I uploaded the trailer for you to download:

• 025x ‘Ten Inch Hero’ Trailer Screencaps

• 001x ‘Ten Inch Hero’ Trailer

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